Schools were deserted as classes transitioned to an online format overnight. Halls empty, classrooms unusually quiet and the contents of each desk remained the same.

The school much like others had to adapt quickly to keep students safe during the first two months of COVID-13. Homework went from textbook assignments to PDF files uploaded on Google Drive, in-person discussions became zoom conversations and questions from students were exchanged in the submission comments.

Teachers adopted the role of digital technicians and parents adopted the role of educators. Many parents did whatever they could to create a normal school environment for their children. Setting them to schedules, incorporating P.E. time, lunch time and a number of extracurricular activities to continue fostering the growth of the student that was previously done by educators and staff.

However, that normalcy couldn’t be maintained for all students and some students rely on the school supplies and support given to them at school, to continue their educational success.

The South Salt Lake Women in Business Committee, partnered with and Mosaic Bakery to raise donations for art and school supplies. The initiative was started to provide supplies to students who didn’t have the opportunity to retrieve their supplies when school transitioned to an online format. While, supporting and encouraging students to participate in art activities to combat the change of working and quarantining at home.

Thanks to the support of community partners: TalentTeam, Hilton Garden Inn, Sunburst AutoSales and Clever Octopus, drop off points were established in each location for the community to drop off supplies and books.

The Granite Education Foundation–an organization that works to facilitate business and education partnerships to foster programs, alliances, and resources to impact student learning and assist educators within the public school system–donated over 200 books and notebooks with a number of other supplies.

The art kits included a number of art supplies and a special coloring packet with art contributed by local artists: Jennifer Hancock, Kalani Tonga and Ann Chen and the South Salt Lake Arts Committee.

The community came together to create 250 supply bags with education and art supplies that were distributed to the International Rescue Committee and Promise South Salt Lake. Two organizations working tirelessly to provide youth in the community the resources and support they need to academically succeed.

-Teresa Bagdasarova