Promise South Salt Lake

About Promise South Salt Lake

Led by Mayor Cherie Wood and assisted through local partnerships, Promise South Salt
Lake launched a network of 14 after school programs and community centers located
across the city, providing holistic, community-wide programming at no cost servicing
over 4,000 residents annually.  Promise South Salt Lake promises their community that:

1. Every child has the opportunity to attend and to graduate from college.
2. Every resident has a clean, safe home and neighborhood.
3. Every resident has the opportunity to be healthy and prosper.

Promise SSL Programming
Promise supports their youth by providing a city-wide system of afterschool that ensures
youth receive the same high-quality services across all of their programs year-round.
Each day includes snack and dinner services, homework help or tutoring, enrichment
activities which include; model prevention programming, art, STEM, recreation, service
learning, and college and career prep. The programs are supported by staff trained in
best practices, college mentors and volunteers, and programming partners.

“What I want for myself and my family, I want for every person in our community.”
— Mayor Cherie Wood

"This was one of the coolest things I've ever seen done with teens, and I'm very excited to see these relationships progressing!"