Program Descriptions
Artist in Action Program

The “Artist in Action” Program is built to empower and support students to lead their own projects through youth scholarships. Students will be given hands-on opportunities to peer teach workshops, present their art work in community exhibitions and participate in art festivals and events in the community.

Art Residency Program

“The Art Residency” program is a program that will create a safe space for BIPOC students and honor those students by hosting events that empower and amplify their voices. This space creates an inclusive and intersectional platform, that highlights the importance of their experiences and inspires them to become leaders in their communities.

“The Clubhouse” program is a mentorship program dedicated to providing youth the support and skills needed to explore professional jobs and academic opportunities while empowering them to realize their potential. The program integrates art projects throughout the six-month program and ends with a mural project in South Salt Lake City.

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