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About us

Canvas4aCause empowers our youth in order to create a sense of leadership, inspire creativity and develop a sense of community through promoting access to the arts.

By creating partnerships with both emerging artists and local, national and internal arts organizations, we provide a means for children to come together, promote diversity and inclusion to inspire both creativity and leadership.

Our Initiatives:

Partner with local non-profits to provide workshops led by local, national and international artists.

Provide youth the opportunity to build leadership skills and confidence, by giving them the tools and resources they need.

Contribute to the urban growth of a community, by working with city stakeholders in creating creative hub spots for youth to participate in murals, community redevelopment projects, publications, and public exhibitions.

Empower youth by pairing them with mentors, leaders and professionals in our business network.


Tereza Bagdasarova | Founder
Volunteer, Relations Director

Daniel Helberg | Founder
Volunteer, CFO

Robert Hopkins | Founder
Volunteer, Director of Ops

Dave Slaugh | Founder
Volunteer, Mentor

Teri Slaugh | Founder
Volunteer, Executive Director

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. -Oprah Winfrey

Gabriela Benitez

Volunteer - Mentor

Debbie Elcock

Volunteer - Mentor

Jennifer Goodwin

Volunteer - Mentor

Charles Hansen

Volunteer - Mentor

Stacey Holscher

Volunteer - Mentor

Charmaine Keck

Volunteer - Mentor

Olivia MacGregor

Volunteer - Mentor

Stephanie Oberlin

Volunteer - Mentor

Christy Ricketson

Volunteer - Mentor

Mekare Willis

Volunteer - Mentor