Are you passionate about the arts? If the answer is yes, here I want to share with you some perks about being an artist you could never imagine. Generally, an artist is measured as a person who is encouraged by the desire to express concepts and ideas through creative attempts. Whether through painting, song, acting, writing, or other mediums, an artist’s goal is to bring a work of art to move and inspire others. They often depend on personal experiences to create work that causes a reaction and also engages the audience to the artist’s heart. In addition to this,” arts” is also widely termed to define other things. For example,” A musician is a person who plays the clarinet”.

Interestingly enough, it is another way to reach the point that, there is no real settlement on what “arts” actually are, and despite its definition as “creative endeavors”, there are so many things that are happening in the world that are “arts” that are normally not always calculated a “professional”.

  1. Art Increase your observing power

 Being an artist makes you take pause and watch closely. Instead of just “seeing” what’s around you, you will start to “observe” what’s around you. Gone are the days of looking at clouds and seeing white masses of piles in the sky. Now, when you look at the cloud, you see several shades of purple, Titanium White, and a super pale yellow. Now it will be your concern what brushes you would use to make those billowing peaks or if you need to add a fluid medium or maybe zinc white to paint in those wispy bits.

Flowers become a stunning mixture of light and shadows, buildings are now piles of brush strokes moving in different directions, and each leaf on a tree becomes a mixture of multiple colors. You will learn to slow down and live in the moment.

  1. Art helps to appreciate little things

You will start to practice appreciation without even realizing you are doing it and that results in finding more things in your life to appreciate. Your standard of living will be improved when you are being appreciative of the world around you and what you already have in your life. It is a fantastic way to live by knowing that you have the power to help them. You will be more positive day by day as you will be busy focusing on everyday blessings instead of negative things.

  1. Art helps When you are silent but want to communicate 

We all have times when we just wish to shout our mouths and are tired of explaining. Or maybe, you are a very introverted person or just someone who would rather walk away. Yes, I understand your situation. All of that garbage that we are carrying around needs to drop somewhere. If you choose to keep that stuff inside you and let it bounce around there, it is super unhealthy for you. Uh-oh, don’t do that silly thing to yourself. Get that garbage out.

  1. Art gives relief from frustration

Being an artist you can whip out a canvas and turn that frustration, sadness, stress, and anger into a marvelous painting. Have you ever got a chance to turn a negative into a positive thing? There is nothing so satisfying as throwing some paint around on a canvas or a painting that has a concrete mysterious meaning that only you know. Letting go of feelings through art is an easy way to have your say without any drama. Let’s take a canvas, paint it out, and let go, my friend, let it go. For some quick and easy painting exercises to get rid of these nasty feelings, you can take a look at youtube channels or Instagram and other social media.

Even if you are not into manual painting you can watch enough follow-along digital art videos to get those nasty feelings out. You can almost sense the stress leaving you with every intense paint stroke.

  1. Art builds up a sense of uniqueness

Do you remember the last time there was an art competition? We are even offered the same thing for a team. But You may notice that where everyone is painting the same thing, and every single painting is different in one way or another. There is a concrete reason behind it because we all have different ways of looking at the world, and how we interpret what we are seeing is very personal.

  1. Art helps you to be fearless

Being an artist allows you to make something that gives other people a stare into who you are and how you observe the world. I know that may be a little scary to lay yourself bare like that but it is also meaningful. You tell your story through art in a very real and raw way that can intensely touch people in a way that can be sometimes louder and greater than words.

We have our thoughts and stances on important issues and in a modern world where we all have a platform like social media to share our feelings and express them through written words, you can uniquely build your opinions through shape and color, and brush.

  1. Art Boost up self -confidence

One of the perks of being an artist is the enormous amount of self-confidence it builds. Each time you take a canvas and splash some color and paint a piece of beautiful unique art, it will remind you of your strength. You prove to yourself that you are capable of creating something meaningful.

  1. Make mistakes, do good

If you make many mistakes you will only get many opportunities to learn and improve. The only thing required of you is to not give up at any cost and don’t allow yourself to be frustrated. When you can create confidence through being an artist that translates to every bit of your life.

  1. Art Improves your gut sense

Even if you are following a youtube guide, you will still need to load up that brush with color and make the brushstrokes. When you watch someone else’s painting, especially when they try to explain what they are exactly doing, it is a great opportunity for you to flex that artistic muscle. As it is not a hand-to-hand process, sometimes you may feel uneasy about what kind of pressure they are putting on the paintbrush or how the Youtuber teacher holding that brush is not clear to you. That’s where you learn to trust your gut.


 One of the best parts of being an artist is you can take risks but in a safer way. The more risk you are willing to take and the more you listen to trust your gut you will make the better you will trust yourself and make the right decisions. And you know what is the most interesting part of this process? There is no other better time than right now. So get started and start practicing. I badly want to see you as an artist. Do you want to add more information to this? Let me know.