As I sit here on this tranquil fall morning; writing this post while enjoying a tasty cup of java. Suddenly I decided to give some useful tips for novice artists using Instagram as an artist with safety precautions as that seems to be one of the frequent questions I get from my art coaching.

  1. Make a beautiful Instagram account

A properly equipped Instagram account can change your game. Choose your predominant color theme and the size of your image. Try to avoid filters that alter the appearance of your work.

  1. Add a captivating bio

Make your biography with a bit of personal touch. Do not forget to add a link to your art website.

If someone stumbles upon your art on Instagram and is keen to learn more they can go to your site and see more of your art. This is very crucial when it comes to selling art online. Also, try to include an Instagram feed on your website too. This is a good way to cross-promote your work and gain new followers.

  1. Add High-quality pictures

Your Instagram posts should be high quality. It reflects who you are creatively and professionally. Fade and hazy pictures hold the impression that you are not a professional. As a result, who wants to buy from you who does not care about good quality design?

Always focus on your art by tapping the screen of your phone.

Keep in mind that when you are capturing your artwork or capturing your background, make sure your subject is not covered in shadows. You can always edit your photo to your favorite look.

  1. Reels: Short Video Content

If you focus on rich content, you can attract a crowd more. You can share the next artwork steps, little clips of your studio, gallery show, or anything else you want, you can easily opt for Instagram’s 15-60 second video feature.

  1. Understand The Role Color Plays

An Instagram hue that performs exceptionally well was found and tested on over eight million images and 30 image features. Blue-tone images performed better than others. Blue-toned images perform 24%better than red or orange tones. 

  1. Post with purpose

It is unfair to confuse your audience with too many things or posts. You have to determine whether your Instagram account shows your portfolio or your creative colorful life is also very crucial. I will recommend you make it your creative account. You will be bombarded with love by followers if you post your work in progress, galleries of your artwork, and studio photos.

  1. Add Hashtags

Choose hashtags that match your artwork and use them regularly. I will recommend you compile a list of 10-15 hash-tags. It will allow art lovers to discover you. For example, I use the hash-tag#canvas4acuse for my work and my profile can be found on Instagram can be found @canvas4acause

Also a few of the popular hashtags that circulate Instagram for art:#art #artsy#artist#drawing#creative etc. In addition to this, you can search for a hashtag in the Instagram search bar, you can also realize how many people are using it. Choose hashtags that have decent engagement with other users.

  1. Religiously share something every day

Please understand that it is Instagram, not Twitter. In the case of Twitter, you are allowed to post multiple times a day. But Instagram doesn’t work in this way. Instagram encourages you to post less frequently. Keep in mind the best times to post on Instagram are between 2 pm and 3 pm and 3 pm to 8 pm. You should this schedule to achieve maximum crown and engagement.

  1. Be active

I will strongly recommend you to follow artists you admire, art magazines, galleries, and interior designs you like. You can also get inspired by their artwork and create beautiful artwork. it will increase your online connection and you never know it might take you to a big platform. Also, when you are inspired by anyone’s creations, be sure to comment on them. If someone commented on your artwork, don’t forget to reply. Everyone enjoys receiving an acknowledgment.

Some Instagram Statistics:

  • Instagram has over a billion, monthly active users.
  • 60% of Instagram users go on the platform to find new products.
  • The reel feature gets more than 500 million users daily.
  • About 995 photos are uploaded to Instagram every second.

Now we will move on to check some red flags to protect ourselves from scammers.

Red flag5:Blocking, Ghosting, or insulting behavior

As soon as they realize you are in their trap, these jerks will run for the hills. They even try to make you feel guilty and still attempt to roll with the “gift for my child” concept. 

You have to keep in mind that artists may have a tough financial life, but they are not compelled to take on every commission that comes their way. It is better off doing gifts for friends and family rather than taking on a bad client’s project. Do not let your guard down, they are never worthy of it.

Red Flag 4:Bad sentence structure and grammar

My replies to generic requests are very clear and simple. I reply saying yes, with a direct link to my commission page where they can get all the info they need. They might be looking for a quick response or laziness. But you should understand that no one wants commissioned artwork so fast that they cannot spend a little time and check your website. If you feel the urgency in their tone, step back.

Red Flag 3 They never check your website

Some scammers try to do all their conversations via DMs and this is a proper red flag. Try to get them to go to your site and fill out a form via email submission to get a quote. This can be a proven paper trail of communication that can be used later if need be. In this cat-and-mouse game, you can assure that they will step back.

Red Flag 2 They don’t follow or have not liked and commented on any of your posts

Some scammers choose to pray for you by sending friend requests. If you observe you can see they either have a private account with very few followers or posts of their own. They don’t bother about your posts. Some scammers get engaged with you suddenly by commenting on your recent post and become followers right before they DM you.

Red Flag 1 Payment scam

Some scammers set their payment plans and overpaid you. Then they request you to refund the overage amount as quickly as possible. Do not do this to yourself. Always accept payments via Paypal, Stripe, etc. You will need to set up a Paypal business account or similar. Run your art business with professionalism.

Hope this article will guide you on how to be creative and safe at the same time. Please like, comment, share, and leave your valuable comments.