As a visual artist and blogger, I know your concern. Yes, you read it right, You need to get your work seen by the right people. I don’t want you to feel that you are shouting into the void and feeling like nobody cares! Don’t get nervous. There are many ways to promote your art blogs and get your artwork in front of the right eye.

  1. Use social media as your lucky tool

Do you love social media? The answer is yes, right? This tool has both pros and cons to it. Social media can be your lucky tool for spreading awareness of what’s great about your art.

To make sure it does, do a proper plan and set some realistic goals in mind. You can build up a new audience here or boost engagement on existing channels. It also takes stock of who exactly you want to target so your artwork and art blogs reach far and wide!

Now, the advantage is that you can create professional business accounts across all platforms. This will make you look more professional as well as it will give you access to more analytics tools to spice up your social marketing strategy.

  1. Impress your follower’s networks

Have you ever thought of impressing your follower’s networks to promote what you do? I will share a trick. Trust me, contests are a great way to do that. For example, you can offer a free product from your portfolio or website as an incentive, then ask the audience to make a post about their favorite blog from it. You will be amazed to see when participants share what they love most on their networks, drastically it changes the game.

  1. collaborate with other art bloggers

Did you know that one of the best ways to promote your art blog is by connecting with other bloggers? Collaboration allows both parties engaged to benefit from more visibility, as well as a larger audience. Your audience will get a chance to work they otherwise wouldn’t have seen and vice versa!

Before I move on, I also mention that this agreement works for everyone regardless of style. Don’t get panicked as there won’t be any overlap in terms of potential clients you could lose out on. As an art blogger, I think you should take advantage of and explore how collaboration can help reach your art blog even greater success.

  1. Don’t forget to empower quality content

Quality is something you can never replace. To promote your art blogs, including your beautiful write-ups, you need to sell your brand.

You don’t need to write inappropriate long paragraphs but the store, collection, and product descriptions will engage your audience and feel connected with you.

Writing product descriptions may seem exhausting, but trust us, this one can change the game. Before investing their money they need to know they are sure what it is.

  1. You need to upgrade your artist website

Everything is linked with each other. To promote a blog you also take care of your artist’s website.

Follow Artsy Shark for the opportunity for a detailed website review and evaluation. You will get an extensive, personalized email report from Artsy Shark founder Carolyn Edlund, including a detailed critique of your artist website, and suggestions for improvement created particularly for you. You will be amazed to see strategies to upgrade your artist website to the next level. It will give you a better visitor experience and reach out to your audience for better publicity and higher traffic. You can also follow Contemporary Art Daily, Savvy Palette.

  1. Write write and put magic in writing

Yes, if you are a blogger you know you have to write. No matter whether you are an emerging or a seasoned artist, writing about your art can be a great way to give people deeper intuition into how and why you create.

Your storytelling can be a blessing to promote your blog. try to share your meaningful true stories connected to your life experiences through creative captions on social media sites. Feel them more connected to you. Depth storytelling helps you to connect with the inner struggles of most people and they will keep backing to your blogs. You know what through this process from making work and running a business to understanding what it’s like with such close bonds, everybody wins.

I know your struggle with writing about visuals can be a little daunting at first but try giving yourself word prompts that encourage reflection. Before I move on, I want to say it could open up new opportunities as well.

  1. Take help from other art bloggers

No matter where you are in your artistic journey, gain mind-blowing insight from the masters. It’s a natural rule that there will be someone sure who is better than you. Discuss with more experienced art bloggers or industry experts who have already gone through this process. They may help you by sharing what steps they took to grow your network.

Ask questions on industry-specific forums and try to follow those techniques.

You don’t need to work hard to find guidance, there are hundreds of podcasts where well-known artists share their experiences and reveal a variety of techniques. Keep on learning and make your art blogs more profitable.

  1. Utilize your promotion

Yes, you read it right. Always remember to tell your friends and family about what you are working on. Also, update them about your latest blog. They may be your first supporters for you. Showing a personal touch by inviting them to your blog will be truly appreciated. Often, we tend to go for the big audience when surroundings can make a difference. Mind it, your promotion truly makes you one step ahead in the game.


Growing a strong blog isn’t easy—but if done properly it can pay off incredibly for any visual artist looking to make their mark on the art world. If you follow all these, you may build up a successful profile over time! So take note of all these opportunities today – who knows where they’ll take you! What do you think? Ready to be a blogger or not? Comment below.