Danielle Zaugg

Natural Photographer, Social Innovator, Mother, and Humanitarian.

Danielle Zaugg is a foremost Natural Photographer, Social Innovator, and a Humanitarian. Raised in California and currently resides in Utah , Danielle has been telling incredible stories with every frame of her lens since 1994. Passionate about telling stories of life and how these stories can be elevated to a point where they draw attention to the plight of others. Danielle hopes to drive the conversation on how life could be made more meaningful. This underpins her professional philosophy as most of her pictures display humanitarian culture-the latest of her works being captured in Peru. To draw attention and greater visibility to the stories she tells with her photography, Danielle has put together a gallery – Lightness of Being: Peru.

This promises to be one of the largest collections of pictures capturing real life moments and telling real stories of real people. Danielle believes in the shared stories of mankind and that our hopes and aspirations are largely the same. She uses her art as a means of transporting life and living from far flung locations of the world into the rooms of cities, getting her audience to ponder on humanity and its struggles. Her images are largely founded on Humanitarian Culture, they come alive and they mirror life and living.

Danielle is noted for her unmatched proficiency in documenting incredible life moments and allowing her pictures to tell the stories of real life people. Being a mother Danielle understands nature, the stories that attend it, and the challenges that affects humanity within nature. She hopes the Lightness of Being: Peru would give greater traction to these stories and call many others to action.

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