Being an art blogger and not getting enough traffic is truly frustrating right? I don’t want you to give up so I came up with 6 fatal art blog writing mistakes that are responsible for less traffic. To avoid these mistakes ,take note about them. Keep reading.

  1. Images

You love images, right? Images help readers to differentiate what content is about and act as an introduction to the post.

You may leave a post if it’s not scannable. Now put yourself as a reader. You will do the same, right? Images help to distinguish the sections and make the post scannable. Generally, readers scan through a blog post to find exact information. Rarely do they opt for reading every word of a post to find the information they need.

For example, a person will not read a 1000-word post to find what supplies they need to use to upgrade their website. They want to know what works best and which website to prefer.

Again it will be a little scary for you as adding images to posts can slow down your website’s speed. Site speed is necessary for ranking high in Google’s search.

Here I am with a solution so you can compress the image size by using ShortPixel.This is a lightweight WordPress plugin that optimizes every image you upload to the WordPress website. You will be amazed to know this will help make your page load faster to rank higher in search results.

  1. Relevant Title

Yes, Your blog title is crucial as it decides if someone clicks on the link to read more or skip it. Catchy titles are crucial for your CTR(click-through rate)but are more essential than posting relevant content.

It may happen to you, just seeing an irresistible link you cannot control yourself and click on the link. Unfortunately, the read was not related to what you were expecting. This is called clickbait title.

Yes, your blog post can get many visits, but the downside is that the website will be featured as untrustworthy, and readers will stop to visit this site. So in the long run, it’s a very bad idea. Right?

The best blogs are blogs that provide helpful content and also the title of the post unveils what the post is about, nothing more, nothing less.

Writing useful content that matches the title will help you to build a loyal following. Eventually, Google will start to see you as an authority in your niche.

  1. Pin it Button

For years, Blog posts make it quicker for people to find you in Google’s search, but it takes time to rank new blog posts. If you get deeper, you will find that many bloggers take the help of pinning blog posts on Pinterest. Interestingly enough, it will help their latest blog posts get discovered more quickly.

But one problem is prominent now. Generally, Pinterest images are large so they take up too much space on a blog post. This problem will be solved if you use the Social Warfare plugin. It will help to hide the Pinterest image. If you click on the”pin it”link on your post, a Pinterest image that you created will appear for them to pin to a board on their account. As a result, the more people who pin your posts, the more people will find you on Pinterest without any struggle.

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  1. “Read More” Links

Let me ask you a question so you cannot peel yourself away from being a successful art blogger. Have you ever visited a full-length blog post and thoroughly read it to feed your curiosity? Did you stay on the site for plenty of time, or did you discover a different website that made it quicker for you to get the information you were searching for?

A short snippet that elaborates on the post and a “Read More”link will give your visitors to pick exactly what they need immediately. This will keep them plenty of time on your site longer, which will serve you in various ways. One benefit is readers will revisit your site because you made it a worthy experience. Another benefit is they will see your artwork more frequently, convincing them to make a purchase.

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  1. Art blogs

You want to promote your artwork online so you have started an art blog. The main motto is to reach more people online so you can accelerate your art sales. But, maybe you are continuously making a mistake that keeps you away from promoting your blogs.

you will publish a new blog and forget about it completely. And you think this blog post will drive thousands of new people to your website? Yes, it’s true but there is a twist. It takes time. You cannot expect your blog post to rank first on Google ranks without taking time. As we have mentioned earlier, it is possible if you promote your blog on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms to market your artwork.

Again, sharing a post once on Facebook is not so beneficial. You have to religiously share it numerous times throughout the month to get more reach from people to see the new post. The main motto is to increase page views and share your new blog post.

  1. Informative and High-quality content

As an art blogger, it is your work to solve your reader’s problems. Writing informative and high-quality content will serve this issue. For example, if you sell paintings, a buyer might want you to know how to protect the art they have purchased. Writing an in-depth post on protecting a painting will cure the buyer’s problem.

The reader will opt for going to your website for valuable information, and see the new art you are making. In this way, you can make a loyal following, and your reader might choose to purchase or share your works with friends and family.

Don’t believe in these stories if you publish more art blogs, the more traffic your site will get. As we have mentioned earlier, only high-quality and in-depth content provides value. So don’t put pressure on yourself to publish a new post every day. Take time, do proper research and you will see better results over time if you stick to quality over quantity.


Your artist blog will get maximum traffic if you are aware of these 6 mistakes. To build your following quicker avoid these 6 mistakes.