I know you want to broaden your artistic knowledge. Yes, maybe you just think of Linkedin Learning as it is one of the best online educational services, But as an artist, you can get other web-based platforms to gain skills in digital photography, animation, and even more professional skills like how to use Microsoft Office or create a PDF. Today we will look forward to seeing four web-based platforms including Linkedin Learning that can enrich your artistic horizons.

  1. LinkedIn Learning

You can blindly trust Linkedin Learning. It needs to have a monthly subscription to get access to all the content on the website. You can find here more than 16,300 courses in seven languages across the business, creative and technical categories. You will be amused to know that since Lynda.com is taken over by LinkedIn, it is getting more advanced than usual. At Least for now, you can be benefitted from the same content in different languages.

You can even get lots of features that help you to keep track of how you are learning. The website informs you how much of a particular video you need to see to complete it. It will show “COURSE 30m45s left” which informs you you have just thirty minutes of video to watch to complete the course. In addition to this, if you are using the web version of this course, you can get the facility of the transcript option and follow along with the speaker. You can see the text is highlighted in bold, in real-time, as the instructor in the video describes.

You can find Linkedin Learning in a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. After a one-month free trial, you can opt for your subscription monthly($29.99 a month) or for an entire year upfront (for $19.99 a month). You can opt for some free content on the website or go to pay for courses individually. As a student or educator, you can check with your school if you can access the service without cost or via a team plan.

  1. YouTube

Maybe you are already a profound fan of youtube and as an artist, it is another great educational resource. You can just type how-to videos on just about anything on the search bar and find answers. The ultimate benefit of this tool is it is free. But this has a downside is that anyone can create YouTube content and upload it. You may sometimes have to manage the quality of videos as anyone can create so you cannot be confident about their accuracy. It differs because all YouTubers may not be an expert in their field. You can download YouTube mobile apps on both Android and iOS devices.

  1. MasterClass

Maybe you already see one of the commercials for MasterClass.This online education subscription service is also getting hyped for getting celebrities to record tutorials on a variety of topics from philosophy to cooking to science. You will be amazed to know instructors like musician Alicia Keys, Chef Gordon Ramsay, Comedian and actor Steve Martin, editor, and fashion icon Anna Wintour.In addition to this, one commercial even stages well-known artist Jeff Koons. You cannot get bored as there are other artists teaching courses as well street artist Futura (spray painting and abstract art), Tyler Mitchell (storytelling and portrait photography), Es Devlin (turning ideas into art), photographer Annie Leibovitz (photography)and Jimmy Chin (adventure photography), etc.

Yes, you may think they do it for only star power but you can find courses very entertaining as well as informative. But there is a sad thing about it: it’s not free. But there is a way you can opt to find MasterClass suitable for you or not. You can go to watch free videos or chapters for many of the courses without the need to sign up for the device. The nominal expensive annual membership fee is listed as $ 15 per month.

  1. Skillshare

If you want to step into a more creative era, Skillshare can be a very good option for you. It also has facilities like a curator model like Linkedin Learnings with an anyone-can-be-a-teacher model. Skillshare recently featured content introductions to nature painting, hand letting, and DSLR photography. You can even get various topics for your children, like step-by-step tutorials on how to draw a house to kid-friendly watercolor projects. To get all of Slillshare’s content you need to book a Premium membership. You can pay an annual fee of $168 which comes to $13.99 per month. You can test the website by even paying $ 13.99 per month or in monthly payments of $32 each. You can find both iOS and Android mobile apps for each of these platforms, If you want to get a huge discount try now, you will find 30%off the membership, if you opt for annual instead of monthly. If you want to just start and later decide you can signup monthly free of cost.

  1. Coursera

You can try Coursera as a primarily free service that collaborates with many universities, giving content in conjunction with classes that these universes teach. It offers a long sapna of courses and gives access to audit classes taught by excellent teachers at top-notch schools, free of cost. In addition to this if you want additional benefits like earning credits for taking the classes or earning a degree or certificate then you will need to give payment.

If you choose Art & Humanities, you will get step-by-step courses on contemporary art from the Museum Of Modern Art, and graphic design (from California Institute of the Arts), to name just a few. Maybe you are getting too frustrated with a tag name starving artist. You can choose an MBA from the University of Illinois or a master’s in social work from the University of Michigan.

If you get a membership in Coursera, it varies depending on whether you are subscribing to a premium version or one of the other courses only. As earlier said, you can even go for a specialization bundle or a certification or a degree, and the pricing would vary from this factor. If you want to know the present pricing the website’s yearly subscription is $359.00with10% discount. Mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android devices.

Waiting for your review of these sites. Take care and share which platforms work better for you.