Promise South Salt Lake prioritizes the prosperity of the community and its children. The vision of the organization is to “ensure a brighter future…and build a supports system youth and families to succeed.” by leveraging community resources to make the greatest impact possible. Promise is motivated by their motto derived from Mayor Cherie Wood’s statement, “What I want for myself and for my family, I want for every person in my community.” Mayor Wood and the initiative seek to provide a safe environment for family and children to receive education, jobs, housing and a multitude of necessary resources. The organization articulates three promises for the community that every center, partnership and employee should adopt when working for Promise.

Three​ ​Promises

  1. Every ​child ​has ​the ​opportunity ​to ​attend ​and ​to ​graduate ​college ​from ​college.
  2. Every ​person ​has ​a ​safe, ​clean ​home ​and ​neighborhood.
  3. Everyone ​has ​the ​opportunity ​to ​be ​healthy ​and ​to ​prosper.

Background​ ​and​ ​History

The ever-growing diversity in South Salt Lake has resulted in a culture-rich neighborhood where people from numerous backgrounds have developed a strong community. Community-based organizations, businesses, and volunteers have aligned themselves with the current South Salt Lake ​City ​leadership ​to ​provide ​many ​of ​the ​needed ​services ​and ​programs.

Capitalizing on the capacity that Mayor Wood has worked strategically to build, together the city and United Way, along with our partners launched an initiative that houses all of this work.

The Initiative, which launched formally in 2012, is called Promise South Salt Lake. Promise ties education together in the areas of health, safety, jobs/economy, housing, arts & community, and neighborhoods. All Promise partners find a relevant “place at the table” for their work to contribute ​to ​the ​success ​and ​wellbeing ​of ​South ​Salt ​Lake’s ​young ​people ​and ​their ​families.

-Teresa Bagdasarova

Promise SSL 2017-2021 Strategic Plan: click here.