Are you concerned about your physical and mental health? Instead of going for fasts and diets, you should welcome more art into your life.

According to science, it’s good for you! For this, you don’t have to sit for creating art, merely observing it will let you achieve its numerous benefits. Recent studies also found that visiting a fine theater or art gallery or museum can positively affect your well-being and health in various ways, from reducing your anxiety and depression to increasing your problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

Today I am going to inform you about an art event in Salt lake City that you should not miss watching this valentine. Keep reading to learn more about this art event.

Thu Feb 02 2023 at 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm

Scaffold Theatre | Salt Lake City, UT

Why you should choose this one over other theaters
Welcome to Scaffold Theatre, a 501(c) 3 non-profit company that offers you Forever More! An Interactive Valentines Theatrical Extravaganza. This theater is bringing back its most popular Valentine’s show again to make your day memorable. Last year this show gained incredible love from sold-out crowds and found themselves singing along to classic love song favorites or laughing in hysterics. This one-of-a-kind holiday show can give you and your partner a romantic date to spend together.

So this Christmas, get dressed and pull yourself to book the tickets to Forever More. give your perfect Christmas gift ever possible. You should stuff the stocking of that special someone with Forever More tickets. If you are single, don’t worry, bring the whole family and start Valentine’s tradition-December has The Nutcracker, and February has Forever More!

Why you cannot go wrong with this theater
You may be surprised to know if you purchase tickets for your loved ones this Christmas, if needed you can even change the date through their convenient self-serve customer ticket transfer. I assure you it will be as easy as sugar-plum pie.

The main theme of this art event
Get ready to watch Cupid and the gang for the most romantic moments of all time. This one hour you will be overjoyed with song and dance, love poems, and jokes. It is perfect for making your valentine’s season something to remember.
Main characters of this art event
Let’s discuss the four most important characters of this event that will make you more curious to watch this show.

1. Cupid
2. Don Juan
3. Venus
4. Miss Valentine

1. Cupid
You will see someone named Valentine Cupid. He can easily be referred to as an interpretation of Eros, the Greek god of love. He was pictured as a handsome youth in early art and poetry, but by the Hellenistic period-which continued from 323 B.C.E. to 31 B.C.E.–he would be transformed into the chubby winged child that we know and love today.

2. Legendary lover Don Juan
You will see another character named Don Juan, a wealthy Andalusian libertine who dedicates his life to seducing women. He takes great pleasure in his ability to seduce women of all ages and stations in life. You will be amazed to know he even disguises himself and assumes other identities to seduce a woman. The aphorism Don Juan lives by is “Tan largo me lo fiáis” (translated as “What a long term you are giving me!”.He always gives a hint that he is young and he has enough time to repent later for his sins.

3. Venus
Another character you are gonna see in the event is named Venus. She is an ancient Italian goddess associated with gardens and fields and later marked by the Romans with the Greek goddess of love.

4. Miss Valentine
Don Juan has lost his mojo because he is cursed by Venus. Then This girl with the help of Cupid must help him find it before the end of Valentine’s day. Otherwise the legendary lover Don Juan may face singledom forever.

So, what can I say now? If you are looking for something extraordinary fun to do this Valentine’s in Salt Lake City, look no further! Forever More will pick you into a world you would name imagine. With a bit of dancing, a bit of singing, some evergreen audience participation, and a set that would make Valentine’s cards blush. I can assure you you will be transported into the realms of laughter and romance like never before. We are waiting to see you there.

Forever More is promised to dedicate their service and make your Valentine’s Day one of the best celebrations of your life. It is perfect no matter if you are with your partner or kid or family. You will get a fun-filled evening and warm celebration. Let me tell you, your kid will love it. With some of the greatest evergreen lovers, Cupid, Don Juan, Miss Valentine, and Venus himself as they travel through romantic phases of love, from the fun to the sublime, from the classics to Hallmark. If you want to perfectly warm up February choose Forever More. Do not forget to tell us about your experience. We are waiting to get feedback from you.